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Privacy Policy

If you need to contact our team you will need to share your contact details for our team and your contact details will be shared to our server for few days till we do not resolve your issues. Once your issues are resolved, we will delete all these contact details from our servers. This contact information will be used internally by our team and not shared to any other person.

Privacy Policy for Children

This website is not for children under 14 and we never suggest children to share their contact details with our team.

Using Cookies From your Computer Devices

When you access any website from your web browser then your web history will be saved to your hard disk and we may access this web history and these details are used to boost web browsing experience. Users have all rights that they can easily disable the cookies for web browsers and if you disable accepting these cookies then no one can access your web history.

There are many web servers who also sell your cookies to third party and these third parties use these details for advertisement services. We will use your web cookies only for displaying some relevant ads to your website.

Our team will change the privacy policy only for benefits of your users. We will make sure that you can resolve your issues and problems without sharing your details to anyone who is not a part of our team.

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